360 Photograhy

Packages can be customized, as needed.

Prices ex. moms/VAT of 25%



  • 2 Panoramas
  • 1 Exterior/Detail
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  • 5-8 Panoramas
  • 2 Exteriors
  • 8 Details
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360 Video

Packages can be customized, as needed.
Prices ex. BTW/VAT of 21%

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  • 1 Location
  • 2 Setups
  • Merge/Edit 2 clips
  • Conversion for Social Media
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  • 1 Location
  • 4 Setups
  • Merge/Edit 4 clips
  • Your Logo
  • Conversion for Social Media
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GigaPans are a large number (several hundred sometimes) of high resolution images stitched together resulting in an extremely detailed image. It allows for a very high degree of zooming into the image or a very detailed print. As this is a relative slow process it is also impacted by factors such as light, weather and traffic over which we may have little control. The ideal is even sunlight, no wind and no traffic. However that is not the world we live in which often result in a reshoot of parts of the panorama. Due to the sensitivity of the equipment photography in rain/snow or strong winds is limited.


Packages include the time onsite and editing of the produced images/video to required quality. Time included may vary depending on the location and circumstances. Smaller packages allow for up to 2 hrs on site, medium packages 2-4 hrs and grand tours may take longer. Delays caused by circumstances beyond the photographers control will be billed additionally. Transport costs will be added for locations outside Malmö.

The business owner must decide if to include persons (personnel and/or clients) in the images or not. If included the client on behalf of the photographer must get signed model releases of all identifiable persons in the pictures. Faces can be “fuzzed” in pictures (but not video) to assure that individuals are unrecognizable.

After booking a tour a non-refundable down payment of 50% of the price of ordered tour is required before photography commences. The remainder plus any additional extras must be paid before delivery of the final tour. Invoice and payment instructions will follow on confirmation. 36noll accept PayPal or Bank transfers.

Video files will be delivered as Social Media ready files in mp4 format (h.264 unless otherwise mentioned). Client must upload to selected platforms/channels.
360 Photography
Each photography tour will be delivered via a download link valid for 10 days. The link includes three files:
1. html file,
2. a directory with the files needed for the website and
3. a file for standalone use on a smartphone/iPad or similar.
To view the 3rd file a separate viewer is needed. The viewer can be downloaded from the app-store or google play store.
Will be delivered as industry standard .jpg (high quality) files. If exceeding 30000 px (longest side) or on request in .tif or .psb format